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Becklingen War Cemetery

I used to visit this place long before and for various times. It is situated in the middle of nowhere in a forest - somewhere in between Hamburg and Hannover. It is a well designed and well maintained war cemetery from the Allied Forces of WW II. Although the cemetery is not too big, it is quite impressive mostly because of the uniformity of the gravestones and the simplicity how the lawn and the light slope of the terrain embrace the visitor. Plus the amount of countries from where the soldiers came to fight Nazi-Germany is overwhelming. Soldiers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India and more countries are buried here. Many stones are engraved with "Unknown Soldier".  This is the first time I am visiting this place with my family. I only tell my little son beforehand, that this is a graveyard for soldiers. Full of enthusiasm he runs over the lawn and kneels down at some random grave. I am not really a person that believes in Military, the need for weapons and Armed Forc