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Frohe Ostern 2017

(Finally) Summertime in Delhi

Ridiculous Cockfights @ Wagah

The full parade at the indian-pakistani/border in Wagah seems like a satire on borders, countries, wars and armed forces. The uniforms seem extremely exaggerated. Men dressed like cocks with facial expressions directly copied from a descent cockfight. And where have I seen those "Special Forces" before - was it Michael Dudikoffs "American Fighter"? Oh, yes! Amusement par excellence. The audience loves it. I am laughing tears the first few minutes until I realize that they actually mean it for real. On both sides! Instead of a bold symbol for peace and a global solidarity of human mankind, people seem to shout with red faces against each other. But there are those few moments and signs of brotherhood and peace: the shaking hands, the monument on the indian side for 1.000.000 killed citizens and this one-legged flag dancer on the pakistani side saluting the Indians. Later, back in Delhi, I have this dream that this stadium at the frontier one day becomes

Amritsar Turbantriple

We are fast.We don´t lose time. After landing in Amritsar we drop our luggage at the hotel and directly go to an inner city turban shop, where we place our order: "Sir, three Turbans, please." As the shop is too small, the binding has to happen on the street. Video: Turbantriple in Amritsar